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10-28-12 Sunday Afternoon        Beatittudes – Part 2

10-28-12 Sunday Morning           Beatittudes – Part 1

10-24-12 Wednesday Evening    Exposition of Romans 3 – Part 4

10-21-12 Sunday Afternoon         Exposition of Romans 3 – Part 3

10-21-12 Sunday Morning            Exposition of Romans 3 – Part 2

10-17-12 Wednesday Evening      Exposition of Romans 2

10-14-12 Education Hour             Exposition of Romans 3 – Part 1

9-30-12 Education Hour             Ed Hour 9-30-12

9-19-12 Wednesday Evening      Exposition of Romans 3 – Part 1

9-16-12 Afternoon Service           Exposition of Romans 2

9-16-12 Sunday Morning             Experienced Faith – Patience

9-12-12 Wednesday Evening      Biblical Truth About Christmas – Part 1

9-9-12 Sunday Afternoon            The Temptation of Christ – Part 2

9-9-12 Sunday Morning              The Temptation of Christ – Part 1

9-9-12 Education Hour               Judgement In the Body of Christ

9-5-12 Wednesday Evening       Gifts of the Body

9-2-12 Sunday Morning             The Church That Left Their First Love

9-2-12 Education Hour               About Church State Law Ministry

8-22-12 Wednesday Evening      The Diety of Christ

8-19-12 Sunday Evening               We Need A Vision Of The Holy One

8-19-12 Sunday Morning             Covenant Marriage Vs Contract Marriage

8-15-12 Wednesday Evening      Don’t Forget About The Miracles of God

8-12-12 Sunday Evening              Experienced Faith – Temperance

8-12-12 Sunday Morning              Judgement Must Begin At the House of God

8-5-12 Sunday Evening               Take Heed – Part 2

8-5-12 Sunday Morning              Take Heed – Part 1

7-29-12 Sunday Morning            Proper Submission To Government

7-29-12 Education Hour              Simon the Sorcerer

7-22-12 Education Hour              John Bunyans Trial

7-18-12 Wednesday Evening       Romans 13 In Context

7-15-12 Sunday Evening               Commandment of Gods Love – Part 2

7-15-12 Sunday Morning              Instructions In Trials

7-11-12 Wednesday Evening        Commandment of Gods Love – Part 1

7-8-12 Sunday Evening                 Proper Response to Biblical Rebuke

7-8-12 Sunday Morning                An Exhortation To Perfect Holiness

7-4-12 Wednesday Evening          Biblical Truths of Civil Government

7-1-12 Sunday Evening                  Prayer Hindrances – Regarding Iniquity

7-1-12 Sunday Morning                 The Fruit of the Spirit – Joy

7-1-12 Education Hour                  Training Boys and Training Girls

6-24-12 Sunday Evening               Trust In The Lord

6-24-12 Sunday Morning              Experienced Faith – Adding Knowledge

6-24-12 Education Hour               Historical Accounts of the Waldenses

6-20-12 Wednesday Evening        Experienced Faith – Adding Virtue

6-17-12 Sunday Evening                The Father Of Mercies

6-17-12 Sunday Morning               The Cause and Cure of Depression

6-17-12 Education Hour                Preaching the Law to the Lost

6-13-12 Wednesday Evening        Prayer Hindrances – Unforgiveness

6-10-12 Sunday Evening                Fathers Train Your Children

6-10-12 Sunday Morning               The Fruit of the Spirit – Love

6-10-12 Education Hour                Fathers Biblical Responsibility In Raising Children

6-6-12 Wednesday Evening           The Sin of Prayerlessness

6-3-12 Sunday Evening                   The Purchased Christian Life – Part 2

6-3-12 Sunday Morning                  Prayer Hidrances – Apathy of God’s Word

5-30-12 Wednesday Evening         The Purchased Christian Life – Part 1

5-27-12 Sunday Evening                 Experienced Faith – Introduction

5-27-12 Sunday Morning               The Effectual Workings In the Beliver

5-23-12 Wednesday Evening         Prayer Hindrances – Part 1

5-20-12 Sunday Evening                 Ways To Be a Witness – As A Wife

5-16-12 Wednesday Evening       Errors of Modern Soulwinning – Part 3

5-13-12 Sunday Evening               Prayer Hindrances – Wrongs Not Made Right

5-13-12 Sunday Morning              Encouragement for Trials

5-13-12 Education Hour               Historical Guidlelines Of Church Membership

5-9-12 Wednesday Evening         Conversation of the Believer Among the Lost

5-6-12 Sunday Evening                Keep Your Eyes On Christ and Not On the Storm

5-6-12 Sunday Morning               Covenant Marriage Vs. Contract Marriage

5-6-12 Education Hour                Scriptural Requirements For Church Membership

5-2-12 Wednesday Evening        Errors of Modern Soulwinning – Part 2

4-29-12 Sunday Evening             What Is and Is Not Biblical Prayer

4-29-12 Sunday Morning            The Simple Church Model – The Great Commission

4-29-12 Education Hour             The Three P’s of Church Planting

4-25-12 Wednesday Evening      Errors Of Modern Soulwinning – Part 1                                                               (poor recording)

4-22-12 Sunday Evening             Proper Prayer Attitudes

4-22-12 Sunday Morning            Christ Is Worthy

4-15-12 Sunday Morning             The Defeated Christian Life

4-15-12 Education Hour              Lessons On Prayer

4-11-12 Wednesday Evening       The Sin of Prayerlessness

4-8-12 Sunday Evening                Practice and Importance of Secret Prayer

4-8-12 Sunday Morning               Scriptural Meaning of Baptism

4-8-12 Education Hour                Keach’s Baptist Catechism

3-25-12 Sunday Evening              Exposition on John 3:16

3-25-12 Sunday Morning             The Psalm 103 Life

3-25-12 Education Hour              Lessons in Job 1

3-17-12 Wednesday Evening      Be Strong And Of A Good Courage

3-14-12 Morning Morning          The Haunting Aspects of Sin

3-14-12  Education Hour            Profiting in the Word – Part 2

3-11-12 Sunday Evening             The Fruit of Lust

3-11-12 Sunday Morning            The Root of Lust

3-7-12 Wednesday Evening       The Blessed Christian Life

3-4-12 Sunday Evening              The Spiritual Malnutritioned Christian

3-4-12 Sunday Morning             Sword of the Lord

3-4-12 Education Hour              Profiting in the Word

2-29-12 Wednesday Evening    Inspired Instructions For Raising Children – Part 3

2-26-12 Sunday Evening           Inspired Instructions For Raising Children – Part 2

2-26-12 Sunday Morning          Hypocrisy In the Christian Life

2-26-12 Education Hour           Inspired Instructions For Raising Children – Part 1

2-22-12 Wednesday Evening   A Generation That Knew Not the Lord

2-19-12 Sunday Morning          The Victorious Christian Life

2-19-12 Education Hour           The Cross You Bear

2-15-12 Wednesday Evening   The Christians Warning of the Lost World

2-12-12 Sunday Evening            The Role of A Biblical Father – Part 2

2-12-12 Sunday Morning           The Castaway’s Life

2-12-12 Education Hour            The Snare of Service

2-8-12 Wednesday Evening      Achan and Biblical Separation

2-5-12 Sunday Evening             The Backsliders Life – Part 2

2-5-12 Sunday Morning            The Backsliders Life – Part 1

1-29-12  Sunday Morning         The Sanctified Life

1-29-12  Education Hour          Proper Response To Chastisment

1-22-12  Sunday Morning         The Holy Life

1-18-12  Wednesday Evening  The Role of A Bibical Father – Part 1

1-15-12  Sunday Morning         The Separated Life

1-15-12  Sunday Evening          Death-How Will You Handle It?

1-08-12  Education Hour         Lesson on John 1

1-08-12  Sunday Morning        The Surrendered Life

1-08-12  Sunday Evening         Jesus The Only Giver Of Peace

1-01-12  Sunday Morning         The Crucified Life

1-1-12 Sunday Evening              Don’t Drag Things Into 2012

12-18-11 Sunday Morning        The Word of God As Our Final Authority

12-18-11 Sunday Evening          Peters Prophectic Preaching-False Prophets

12-11-11 Sunday Evening          Endure Hardness

11-27-11 Sunday Evening          All Things Are Lawful But Not Expedient

11-13-11 Sunday Morning           When the Man of God Becomes Your Enemy

11-6-11 Sunday Evening               Our Times Are Perilous Times

11-2-11 Wednesday Evening         Three Gifts the Holy Spirit Gives

10-30-11 Sunday Morning           Men Be Sober

10-30-11 Sunday Evening             His Spirit Beareth Witness

10-26-11 Wednesday Evening      Be Ready To Give An Answer

10-23-11 Sunday Evening             Fathers Bring Them Up In the Nuture and Admonition of the Lord

10-16-11 Sunday Morning        Fathers Provoke Not Your Children to Wrath

10-12-11  Wednesday         The Four Fold Judgement of the Man After Gods Own Heart

10-09-11 Sunday Morning        Strange Fire

10-05-11 Wednesday Evening   The Fall Of The Man After Gods Own Heart

9-28-11 Wednesday Evening  Why David Was A Man After Gods Own Heart

9-25-11 Sunday Evening          Slay The Giants

9-14-11 Wednesday Evening   Joy Through Lifes Trials

9-11-11 Sunday Evening          A Covenant With Mine Eyes

9-4-11 Sunday Morning          Joy Through Life’s Trials

8-28-11 Sunday Morning         The Last War In James 4

8-28-11 Sunday Evening          Fear Not

8-21-11 Sunday Morning          The War of Righteous Judgement

8-21-11 Sunday Evening           The Simple Gospel

8-17-11 Wednesday Evening    The Dirty Ds of the Devil


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